Our French cookery workshop is starting next Tuesday with our excellent chef and French teacher, Isabelle.
The students will soon find out what they are going to cook in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. As well as learning to cook French dishes, they will be speaking French and learning the vocabulary related to French recipes such as:
faire cuire: to cook
faire bouillir: to boil
faire revenir: to fry
faire mijoter: to simmer
faire blanchir: to blanch
faire blondir: to lightly brown
arroser: to baste
allonger une sauce: to add to a sauce
écumer: to skim
arroser: to baste
assaisonner : to season
émincer: to cut thinly
épaissir: to thicken
égoutter: to drain
mettre au four: to put in the oven
allumer: to switch on
éteindre: to switch off
mettre ou dresser la table: to lay the table
débarrasser la table: to take the dishes away 
faire la vaisselle: to do the washing up
remplir le lave vaisselle: to fill the dishwasher

The course is full but you can see what the last group of students prepared in the video below:

You can still join  other activities with Alliance Française de Bristol, for instance come and enjoy the fun at our show of games and sketches at The Hen & Chicken on 5th February at 8.30pm. Our French teacher, Audrey, has been doing some French drama with a group of students who have prepared some amusing sketches. For more info…