Ludovic, sommelier at the  one Michelin star restaurant Wilks in Bristol, will be helping students to choose a wine according to the dishes to be eaten: accorder les mets et les vins.
Did you know that with un Vouvray, you can eat du foie gras or for those who don’t like it or who are anti, you can have thin slices of smoked salmon  ( de fines tranches de saumon fumé)?

What would you choose with un vin doux naturel? Would you think of dark chocolate ( du chocolat noir) or cherries ( des cerises)?

I won’t reveal all the secrets……… students will be eating and trying out wines, all organic and purchased at Vinetrail in Bristol. They will be discussing the tastes and combinations with plenty of suggestions from Ludovic.
I will be shopping and cooking on Tuesday!!
If this French wine tasting workshop tempts you ( vous met l’eau à la bouche), you may like to know that Ludovic will be running a similar one on Tuesday, 19th July. For more info…