The film by Guillaume Canet, Les Petits Mouchoirs is with us now! Why les Petits Mouchoirs, little handkerchiefs? In English the title is Little White Lies and it is very appropriate as les petits mouchoirs are little lies that we tell ourselves when we don’t want to admit something to ourselves.
The film is about eight friends who meet up for their holiday at Le Cap Ferret, in le bassin d’Arcachon, while their nineth friend is in hospital in Paris, after an accident. Guillaume Canet is using his own experience as he happened to be in hospital in Paris, after the success of Ne le dis à personne, Tell no-one, while all his friends were on holiday.

The film shows how a group of friends can get closer to one another when confronted to a tragedy. But can their friendship survive?

If you are on a French course with Alliance Française de Bristol or Bath, you can have a reduction at the Watershed for the showing of 17th April at 8.30pm. To  find out how you can get this concession, please contact us: more info…