Tanguy Viel will be meeting French teachers, students of both Alliance Française de Bristol et Bath on Wednesday, 28th May at 7.30pm at Redland Park URC Meeting Rooms, 1,Redland Park, BS6 6SA . Tanguy Viel is a very respected writer of crime novels ( des polars) . 
We have been studying passages from L’absolue perfection du crime, ( Absolute Perfection of Crime) in which  the narrator and his friends in crime are preparing a burglary which will be their last and will reach perfection…..
Ce roman impressionne d’abord par sa virtuosité et son inventivité narrative.” ( This novel is impressive by its virtuosity and inventive style)   
We have also studied Paris-Brest, here the narrator tells us about his family, his chidhood and his chidhood “friend”. The story keeps going backwards and forwards which makes it very gripping. “Tanguy Viel est un romancier rare par sa double maîtrise du style et de l’intrigue” .  ( Tanguy Viel is one those rare writers who can master both style and plot).

Students studying French in Bath with Véronique enjoyed an afternoon talking about Paris-Brest while tasting some delicious Paris- Brest. A Paris-Brest is a cake which was invented in the late 19th century to advertise the first cycling race: Paris-Brest-Paris.

Here is a link to Tanguy Viel with some videos:

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