What do the French say about the British?

The first thing is that they don’t talk about the British ( les Britanniques), they talk about the English ( les Anglais) and they don’t seem to understand the difference between the English, the Scots ( les Ecossais) and the Welsh ( les Gallois), it is all the same for them…… quite tricky to explain that a Welsh man will be offended if you tell him he is English, especially when it comes to rugby!!!!!
So the English cook and eat very badly, remember the boiled beef in my account on Hogarth’ s painting last week. It is a waste of time to try and say that some of the best restaurants can be found in the UK and that the Bristish are passionate about cooking.
They all have red hair and their teeth are crooked, why is there such a belief? I don’t know!
They are flegmatic and polite, what do we do about road rage incidents, then??? Ok, on the whole this is quite true, having been married to such a one for a number of years!

What do the Bristish say about the French?

They all wear a striped sailor’s top ( une marinière) as well as a béret, walk about with a string of onions ( un collier d’oignons) around their necks, a baguette under the arm and they all have a moustache. Have you seen many like that?
They smell of garlic ( l’ail), that could be quite true, as we do put a lot of garlic in our food, but it is good for our health !!
They are rude ( mal polis), arrogant ( arrogants) and always on strike ( toujours en grève). I am sure quite a few of you will agree with the latest statement if, each time you go to France, the sailors, the air traffic controllers, the lorry drivers or the farmers are either on strike or blocking the ports or the roads …….
If you think of any other clichés, why not put them in the Comments? It could be fun!
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