Intégration, Résidence et Nationalité

The TEF ​Intégration, Résidence et Nationalité is a French evaluation test for French naturalisation.
It is made up of four (4) obligatory testsreading, listening, speaking and writing.
You must take all of these tests on the same day.

The TEF IRN examination is recognised by the French Ministry for the Interior and is used to apply for naturalisation as a French citizen. It is administered by the CCIP: the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry. For more information on the TEF ​IRN, how to prepare, and the Terms and Conditions of enrolment, visit the CCIP website

TEF Canada

For immigration and citizenship application procedures, the Federal Government of Canada requests proof of the applicants’ linguistic knowledge of French.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has recognized the TEF for these purposes since 2002. The TEF format that applies to these procedures is TEF Canada.

The Alliance Française de Bristol offers :

* An accredited centre for the TEF, TEF INR, TEF Canada.
* Preparation for the exam by examiners

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For more information please phone Michelle on 07717 893954

Please refer to the CCIP (Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry) website for more information regarding which exam would be the best for you.


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