French Language Courses

Alliance Française, the French specialist, offers French tuition for:

  • Small classes (8 to 10 students for the majority of lessons, 3 classes with 8 to 12) in North, Central and South Bristol
  • Individuals
  • business

Our lessons are kept informal, motivating and above all professional – our teachers are French nationals, specifically trained and qualified to teach French to adults. Their experience and dedication have always been essential to the success of our courses. Over 65% of our students re-enrol for more French tuition.

The official centre for French language and culture

Alliance Française is a global network of associations which aims at establishing a dialogue of cultures through high quality French tuition  and organising cultural activities in 130 host countries. In the United Kingdom, courses and cultural events are offered through a well-established network of 13 language centres and 52 clubs.

The Alliance Française de Bristol, established in 1983, with a branch in Bath since 1993, has grown from strength to strength, with more than 60 courses running each year and more than 500 students last academic year.

2017/18 promises to be an exciting year, with more French classes and French cultural events. Never want to miss one of our events again? Subscribe to our newsletter:

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