With Christmas fast approaching (avec Noël qui approche à grands pas) some students have asked me if it was possible to get some French cheese in Bristol. La réponse est oui! 

While your local deli will probably stock some delicious hard cheese (fromage à pâte dure) such as comté, you will be able to find a reasonable selection in your supermarket (une bonne sélection au supermarché), so you don’t need to break the bank (pas besoin de dépenser des mille et des cents)!

For blue cheese, you can find some nice roquefort, or some Saint Agur,  less sharp and more creamy.

 (although we would definitely use bread rather than crackers!)

For camembert, I would stay clear of supermarket own brands, but Rustique and Président are both easily found.

If you like goat’s cheese you will find Chavroux bûche, a creamy and tasty log shaped cheese.


What is your favourite cheese?

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