Have you ever wondered why you head hurt after drinking alcohol? Or whether animals drink as well?

This funny little video will entertain and educate at the same time – and help you revise essential French vocabulary! It is part of a series called “Tu mourras moins bête“, you will die less ignorant, put together by Arte, a French and German TV channel popular in France, as well as cartoonist Marion Montaigne, who makes the science more fun and accessible. Viewers contact le professeur Moustache to ask science questions. There are other videos in the series.

Here is some vocabulary to use in France (although I know, dear students, you would never ever need it).

to drink too much = prendre une cuite
to drink alcohol = picoler
a hangover = une gueule de bois (a wooden mouth)
to have a headache caused by too much drinking = avoir mal aux cheveux (your hair hurt)
to be inebriated = être saoul
to have drunk one too many = avoir bu un coup de trop

Best to drink reasonably (boire raisonnablement) to avoid those tricky situations!

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