A beautiful city in the South, Montpellier delights by its medieval pedestrianised centre, l’Ecusson (the blason).

Montpellierains and tourists alike enjoy having pre-dinner drinks (prendre l’apéro) sur la place de la Comédie:

If it is the summer or the school holidays (les vacances scolaires), there will be street entertainers dotted around the place and the Esplanade. The centre displays Haussmann buildings and medieval ones, such as the Cathedral. Wandering the small streets is a welcome break from the blazing sunshine! You might visit this beautiful old fashion toy shop, Pomme de Reinette (the name comes from a French nursery rhyme, une comptine):

Really worth the visit!

When you walk through the shopping centre however, you will be surprised:

The architectural addition called Antigone, by the architect Ricardo Bofill might remind you of a very modern version of the Royal Crescent. It is much bigger than you expect, see on this aerial view (http://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/an-aerial-image-of-antigone-district-montpellier-news-photo/152481585#an-aerial-image-of-antigone-district-montpellier-picture-id152481585)

When the stones of Place de la Comédie start scorching your feet, head up to one of the local beaches, such as Le Petit Travers:

Where have you been on holidays?

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