As usual, Isa, our French tutor and chef, will be showing and helping students make a dish. It will be a dessert this time. Here is some vocabulary to do with preparing de la pâtisserie:
You may learn to make some pastry ( de la pâte) with flour ( de la farine), butter ( du beurre), sugar ( du sucre) and eggs ( des œufs), once the pastry is made, you have to spread it with a pin roller ( l’étaler avec un rouleau à pâtisserie ),


 then you put the pastry in a tin ( un moule, not une moule which is a mussel ). You may have had to cut the pastry with a pastry cutter ( un coupe pâte) before putting it in the tin.

You may want the pastry to have a golden look so you brush it with milk, you use un pinceau à dorer. You may wish to decorate your pâtisserie, you will be using a piping bag ( une douille).

Watch this space to find out what Isa and her students will prepare and to find out about French events and French tuition classes. For more info…