Elise, French teacher, is going to help students coming to this French workshop discover the countryside, the architecture, the history, the famous people who lived in Picardie and more…. The workshop will be conducted in a fun and interactive way so that students feel that they are learning and using the French language as well as finding out about Picardie. They will also watch photos and a short film. The session will end with eating a speciality of the area ( this is Elise’s secret for the timebeing!).
Découvrez par exemple:
Les plages: the beaches
Les falaises: the cliffs
Les oiseaux marins: sea birds

La baie de Somme avec ses oiseaux sauvages et ses marécages: the bay the Somme with its wild life and marshes.
Les hortillonnages near Amiens: small, attractive gardens amid marshes and small rivers
La cathédrale d’Amiens: Amiens cathedral

The level is aimed at people who have a GCSE in French, can cope with basic tenses and can communicate in simple sentences.
This French workshop will take place on Saturday, April 27th for 10 people maximum, please book early to avoid disappointment! For more info…