To day,  2nd June ( le 2 juin) is Saint Blandina ( la sainte Blandine).
Blandina lived in the 2nd century in Lyon, she was a slave and had an unfailing faith in god. She constantly refused to deny her belief so she was tortured by the Romans like so many Christians at the time. As she would not give in, she was wrapped up in a net and thrown up in the air by a bull, she was then butchered by gladiators.
The name Blandine comes from the Latin and means caressant ( affectionate). Girls called Blandine have a quiet, gentle appearance but are very determined ( pugnaces )and strong ( fortes). They know how to charm people!
So if you are called Blandine, on the 2nd June, your family and friends will say: Bonne fête Blandine! when they see you or they will give you a card or send you a text ( un texto).

Don’t  forget the French intensive courses with Alliance Française de Bristol are starting either next week or mid June or at the end of June or July, there are still a few places left. For more info…