Audrey, our French drama tutor is ready for the next 10 sessions of French drama classes.
You can watch all the videos of the last show on Youtube but here are some details of one of the sketches which takes place on a bus in Marseille:
An American tourist ( une touriste américaine) gets on the bus and asks how much it costs to go to Le Sacré Cœur which, of course, is in Paris. When she is told she is in Marseille, she remembers about la bouillabaisse ( a famous fish soup) which she thinks is a place and asks to go there….. Eventually, she takes the bus tour.
The next person to get on the bus, is an old lady ( une vieille dame) who takes the bus every morning ( chaque matin) to go to le centre ville and who asks each time how much it costs ( c’est combien?). Then she complains that it is too much ( trois euros) and says that she should have a discount as she is an old lady. But she will not get away with it!
The last person to get on is not a tourist ( pas un touriste) but a street artist ( un artiste des rues) a poet ( un poète) who does not want to pay any fare! The bus driver suggests that he walks ( il faut marcher alors!). Eventually, he pays deux euros.
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