Une perle when it is not a pearl is a really stupid mistake. Every year des perles are collected from exam papers like the baccalauréat or le bac. They are published in newspapers and on the Internet. Here are a few found in L’Internaute:
Pour moi, Anatole France, c’était un arrêt de bus. ( For me, Anatole France – famous writer- was a bus stop- you may have noticed in France that we like giving names of famous people to streets, metro stations, bus stops, schools etc….)

Un homme heureux et libre, ça serait d’avoir fini les épreuves du bac. ( A happy and free man, this would be to have finished the bac exams- this was the answer to this deeply philosophical question: what does it mean to be a  happy and free man? )
De nombreux conflits ont éclaté dans le Sahara afin de récupérer tout le sable qui est présent ( many conflicts in the Sahara are taking place in order to collect all the sand which is there)
De toute façon, Madame Bovary n’a jamais rien compris aux mecs. ( In any case Madame Bovary has never understood anything about blokes.)
Les Américains sont les premiers touristes à avoir profité des plages de Normandie ( The Americans are the first tourists to have enjoyed the Normandy beaches)
Le triangle est un rectangle avec un côté en moins. ( A triangle is a rectangle with one less corner)

Etre cultivé signifie qu’on s’intéresse à des choses qui ne sont pas forcément intéressantes. ( To be cultured means that you are interested in things which are not necessarily interesting)
De Gaulle est mort à la fin de sa vie. ( De Gaulle died at the end of his life)

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