It is situated in Paris between the 10th ( le 10ème )and 11th ( le 11 ème) arrondissement and was built in 1822, mainly to bring drinking water ( de l’eau potable)  to the Parisians. It is not very long, only 4.55km, has nine locks ( neuf écluses), two swinging bridges ( 2 ponts tournants), two fixed bridges for cars ( deux ponts fixes pour les voitures) and some pedestrian bridges ( des passerelles pour les piétons).
Le canal St Martin is well-known for its tourist cruises ( ses croisières pour touristes), Parisians like to come for walks and picnics on its banks ( ses berges). As part of  the project ” Paris respire” ( Paris breathes) introduced by La mairie de Paris, the roads alongside the canal ( les voies sur berge) are closed to cars ( sont fermées à la circulation) on Sundays ( le dimanche) and bank holidays ( et les jours fériés).
Doesn’t it look beautiful???

Between January and April 2016, some work ( des travaux) is being done on the canal for its maintenance ( son entretien) and its improvement ( son amélioration). To start with, the canal is being emptied ( est vidé).
And guess what has been found in it? Take a look at these few images:

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