Until 23rd September 2018 you can discover Picasso’s exhibition (l’exposition Picasso) entitled Donner à voir.

Picasso was a Spanish artist, but his links with France are very important. He spent most of his adult life in France, and founded the Cubist movement (le mouvement cubiste). He is not everyone’s cup of tea (il ne plaît pas à tout le monde) but everyone has an opinion on him (il ne laisse personne indifférent)!

This is what the Montpellier exhibition focuses on, according to Ville de Montpellier website:

The exhibition Picasso – Donner à voir presents a dozen or so milestone moments (des moments clés) from which a new form, a new style, new processes emerge. It brings together an ensemble of masterpieces (un chef d’oeuvre) that pinpoint the start of a fresh direction in his artistic practice, rounded out with archive documents and preparatory drawings to produce a snapshot and an analysis of his transformation in action.

When you join our classes with our French native teachers in Bristol and Bath, you get to learn the language, but also French culture and a “je ne sais quoi”!

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