We celebrate Christmas on the eve of the 24th, it is called : Le réveillon de Noël.
The meal starts quite late and consists of many dishes. We’ll start with :
Les entrées: crab ( crabe), lobster ( homard), oysters( huîtres),  smoked salmon ( saumon fumé), foie gras : we don’t eat them all!
Le plat principal: turkey ( dinde) or goose ( oie) with chestnuts( marrons) for instance.
Followed by:
A big variety of cheeses and then:
Le dessert:
In most regions, we eat the traditional Christmas log ( la bûche de Noël) either made of chocolate or ice cream but, if you go to Provence, you have a magnificent display of  13 desserts representing Christ and the 12 apostles:
Les treize desserts: almonds ( amandes), walnuts ( noix) , hazelnuts( noisettes)  and figs ( figues), quince jam ( confiture de coings), several kinds of nougat made of almonds and honey from the area, le gibassier ( cake cooked with olive oil and flavoured with aniseed or orange) and a honey and almond tart with apples and nutmeg ( tarte au miel et aux amandes avec des pommes et de la cannelle). You can’t get away from it you have to taste them all!!
And of course everything is accompanied by wine!
The meal finishes very late so Father Christmas, Le Père Noël, mustn’t arrive too early!