In the paralympic games (les Jeux paralympiques), Marie Bochet has won a gold medal (une médaille d’or).
She is only 24 – elle n’a que 24 ans!

Of course she explains she was feeling under pressure (sous pression) before the ski run (la descente), even is she was in good form (vraiment en forme).

She started skying when she was only 5 years old (elle n’avait que 5 ans)!

Marie was born with agenesis, which means her left arm failed to develop (une malformation de l’avant bras gauche), so she is using a prosthesis to help with her balance (elle utilise une prothèse pour avoir plus d’équilibre). But she doesn’t consider this as a burden. Can you imagine that she was only 16 for her first Olympic Games?

Bravo Marie, you are an inspiration!

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