Les Guignols (the puppets, Guignol is the main character of our version of Punch and Judy) is a daily satirical puppet (une marionnette) show on Canal +. It is very popular and runs daily on working days, with a catch up on weekends.

Les Guignols, as you can expect it, are irreverent (irrévérencieux), outrageous (scandaleux) and politically incorrect (politiquement incorrect), but a lot of viewers have become attached to them!

Here are a few well known characters based on real people:

  • PPDA is a caricature of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor (aka PPDA), a famous now retired French news presenter.
  • Commandant Sylvestre  is a fictional character based on the American actor Sylvester Stallone
  • Jacques Chirac French president between 1995 and 2007

If you are brave enough to try watching it here is a link to a recent show:

Les Guignols, l’intégrale du 16/11 – CANAL+ by lesguignols

Disclaimer : this episode might include a portrayal of the Queen and a terrible cover of a Destiny’s Child song by Hilary Clinton’s puppet.

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