Ginny and Sarah, both students in one of the French classes in Bristol have written poems on the sea in the shape of a kite ( un cerf-volant).
Here is the trick ( le truc):
You take one noun ( un nom) , you find two adjectives ( deux adjectifs) related to the noun, then 3  verbs ( trois verbes) also related to the noun and 4  nouns ( quatre noms) and you reverse the process. You have the shape of a kite!

Here is Ginny’s:


bleue, tranquille
déferler, nager, plonger
ondine, clapotis, île, bateau

amarrer, faire naufrage, naviguer
ensoleillée, isolée,
And now Sarah’s:

immense, plombé
s’élargir, s’étendre, présager
écume, flocon, secousse, vague
éclabousser, ruisseler, jaillir
rouge, lointaine,

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