Yet again, Lionel, our French wine expert, captivated his audience with his talk and photos on champagnes. Students taking French tuition in Bristol and their friends and partners tasted  3 champagnes which were accompanied by canapés prepared by Isabelle, French teacher with Alliance Française de Bristol and chef. People were very impressed by ses canapés de concombre garnis de fromage blanc aux fines herbes (cream cheese with herbs) et truite fumée ( smoked trout), sa flamiche aux poireaux ( a sort of quiche/ pizza with leeks) et ses petits sablés avec un zest d’orange. So much so that her French cookery course starting on 15th November is almost full! Hurry up if you would like to join: For more info…
Here is a recipe with champagne offered by Isabelle:

 Un Sabayon au champagne et aux framboises
Pour  quatre personnes.
Ingrédients :
4 jaunes d’œufs

80g de sucre
100ml de champagne
Quelques framboises
La recette :
Séparer les œufs et mettre les jaunes dans une casserole. Ajouter le champagne et le sucre, faire monter avec un fouet.
A feu doux, continuer à fouetter le mélange jusqu’à ce qu’il épaississe, il devrait doubler de volume.
Retirer du feu et continuer à fouetter jusqu’au refroidissement.
Mettre des framboises dans des flûtes à champagne et verser le mélange dessus.
Servir frais.

Bon appétit!

If you would like to have a look at the content of the French cookery courses offered by Alliance Française de Bristol with Isabelle as the French chef, have a look at the website. For more info…
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