Last week we wrote about what kind of drink you might be offered for apéritif in France this summer. You can read about it here.
This week let’s talk about the array of options for nibbles offered with it:

  • Olives
  • Anchois (anchovies)
  • Saucisson (dried cured sausage, in thin slices, perfect with a pastis – see last week’s post)
  • Fromage (little cubes of emmental or comté)
  • Cacahuètes (peanuts)
  • Verrines: in the last ten years, these have appeared everywhere! Served in small glasses and eaten with a spoon, they are usually very colourful and like a small elaborate dish. You can find a few recipes here.

The obvious problem is that by dinner time… you’re not hungry anymore! Another piece of advice; sometimes you might be invited for apéritif and not for the meal – and other times the apéro will turn into a meal!

When you come back in September, why not join one of our French lessons groups to practise and learn in a relaxed atmosphere with Alliance Française de Bristol and Bath?