Fancy that! The famous avenue, home to the finish of Tour de France, without any cars, and people and bikes spilling onto the wide road!
Well it’s exactly what is happening this Sunday. Every first Sunday of the month (le premier dimanche du mois), Ville de Paris has decided the most famous road in Paris would be car free (sans voitures). Here is a picture from the May event:

Do you know which shops pedestrians (les piétons) will encounter? Among the most famous (les plus connus) you will find some jewellers, like Cartier or Comptoir de Paris, if you are looking for a quite expensive way to tell the time –  French people say “c’est pas donné“, they don’t give it to you, which means it is dear! But also, surprisingly, car dealers, such as Peugeot and Toyota! The  avenue is also home to a few shopping arcades (les galeries); they meander underground and one, la galerie du Claridge, even hosts an interesting clock working with water. It’s quite mesmerising!

Next time you go to Paris, you might want to amble (flâner) in this area and take a look. And if you would like to speak to locals, or order a coffee, you might want to consider joining our group lessons this academic year.

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