Even for those of us who are French, it is a bit confusing sometimes to receive an SMS in France (un texto).
Take the following for example:

T’inkiet G 1 KDO pr l’annif 2 Julie

I was baffled to say the least. Can you guess what it meant? The trick, of course, is to read it out loud:

T’inquiète (as in don’t worry) j’ai un cadeau pour l’anniversaire de Julie (I have a gift for Julie’s birthday)

Can you guess what the following are?

savapa Ça va pas ? Is something wrong?
G1id2kdo J’ai une idée de cadeau I have an idea for a gift
12C4 un de ces quatre one of these days
ALP À la prochaine TTFN, ta ta for now
C pa 5pa C’est pas sympa That’s not nice

If, like me, you remain a bit baffled and insist in typing every word and accent, I’ll leave you with a nice one:
BZ : bisous, bises  kisses
If you use an “x” for a kiss in France, THEY will be baffled!

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