Have you ever heard of ‘The Lady and the Unicorn’ (la dame à la licorne)?
It is a series of tapestries (tapisseries) from the late 15th century, considered to be one of the greatest works of art from the Middle Ages. You can now see it in Cluny Museum in Paris. Five of the tapestries depict one of the five senses:
Smell (l’odorat)
Hearing (l’ouie)
Sight (la vue)
Touch (le toucher)
Taste (le gôut)

Sight (la vue)

The last one, À Mon Seul Désir, is thought to represent generosity (la largesse). Each of the 6 tapestries include a woman (une dame) and a unicorn (la licorne) as well as a lion (un lion) and several other animals (can you spot the whispering rabbit?).
Why not discover more on the museum’s website, or better, go and see it in person this summer?