The summer is drawing to an end, and if you want to bring it back to the UK with you, we have found the perfect way! Our next cooking workshop in French will teach you to cook some dishes from Provence, and then you can bring them back to share with your family or friends.


Provence is a fantastic part of the world. One of my favourite villages is Les Baux de Provence. It’s a beautiful village at the top of a hill, and most cars are not allowed in. The views are rather breathtaking. And if you need to cool down for a bit, you can visit Carrière de Lumière.

In a disused quarry takes place a spectacular multimedia show ( un spectacle multimédia) with a different theme every year. The show is called: Bosch, Brueghel, Arcimboldo Fantastique et merveilleux.
Pictures are projected against the stones, rocks and floors creating a fantastic atmosphere where the spectator is immersed in colours. It is like a carpet of pictures (un tapis d’images).

So if you fancy joining Isa, our teacher and chef, who has taught countless of our students to confidently cook  Provence themed dishes and expand your French vocabulary, contact us below and see some details here.