Follow our French teacher Isabelle and her class in Paris:

One of the many perks (un des avantages) of studying with Alliance Francaise is to go on a field trip (aller en classe de découverte) with your teacher as I did with my Wednesday group.

We met in Paris, a city also known as (aussi connue sous le nom de) la Ville Lumière or Paname, and spent Friday to Sunday there.

The main issue was to decide what to do. After all, Paris is the capital of the Hexagone bursting with (regorgeant de) activities of all kinds. What to choose?

First on the list was: food (la nourriture) bien sûr! We planned several outings to restaurants and one to the famous Marché d’Aligres in the quartier de la Bastille. Some of us stocked on charcuteries, fromages puants(smelly cheeses).

Second on the list: la culture!

We picked le Musée d’Orsay, which homes an impressive collection (une collection impressionnante) of art from the 19th century, and l’Atelier des Lumières, which offers a unique experience of immersive art. We all loved it (ça nous a tous plu) and as Azzura said in her comment: « Une visite qui en valait la peine» (it was worth it).

We all enjoyed the food, the culture and the weather (la météo)- it was sunny and hot- and came back to Bristol happy (ravis) to have had so much fun (de nous être autant amusés).

Some of the students said:

– “The recent trip to Paris was my first time on a French language trip and I really enjoyed challenging myself to speak French in real life with the support of my classmates and teacher. I haven’t visited Paris for many years, so I also enjoyed exploring different parts of the city and with our teacher as a guide we were able to combine some well-known places such as the Cimetière du Père Lachaise with less touristy activities such as visiting a local fruit and veg market.”


– “It has been a very enjoyable experience. It hadn’t been the first time in Paris for me but this time, it was helpful to visit la Ville Lumière with people that could show it to me with a different perspective and venture out of the crowded tourist attractions. We visited a very interesting and unusual museum called Atelier des Lumières– it was worthwhile visit.


Et vous, vous voulez aller en voyage en France?

Thanks Isabelle for sharing this with us – we are starting our French lessons with our experienced native teachers in the next three weeks, give us a call as you can join at any time in the year, in Bath and Bristol.