Holidays… We look forward to them all year (il nous tarde qu’elles soient là toute l’année)!

Here is some essential vocabulary for preparing for your holidays, in France or elsewhere.

You will start by looking up the place you are going to (faire des recherches). On the internet (sur internet), or in a travel agency (une agence de voyages). Beware! “En suite” isn’t really used to mean a room with a bathroom in France (une chambre avec salle de bain), and might be mistaken with “une suite“, a room with a lounge, bathroom, etc, so this might get expensive (Ça va faire cher!)

Would you prefer going to the seaside (aller à la plage) or to see mountains (aller à la montagne)?
You will have to decide before packing your suitcase (faire les bagages). N’oubliez pas:

If you have opted for the seaside, don’t forget your bathing suit (le maillot) your towel (la serviette de plage), the parasol (le parasol) and your sunscreen (la crème solaire). And for la crème de la crème of French tuition, join Alliance Française de Bristol et Bath!

Bonnes vacances à tous! We still have spaces in our July 2018 intensive courses in North and South Bristol. Contact us below: